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Emmanuel O. Kusimo

God Servant  *  Speaker  *  Best Selling Author  *  Coach  *  Photographer

Emmanuel Olorunsola Kusimo, affectionately known as Manny, is a visionary reformer born in Lagos, Nigeria, and shaped by the unwavering principles instilled by his disciplined parents—a foundation rooted in love and a strong work ethic. Growing up in the vibrant city of Lagos, Emmanuel discovered his innate passion for people and community, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors as a catalyst for change.

He pursued his secondary education at Mercy Model College, where he honed his leadership skills and cultivated a deep sense of responsibility towards his community. Transitioning to higher education, Emmanuel pursued his Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology at the prestigious Irish University Business School of London, setting the stage for his career in technology and innovation.

Emmanuel's journey took a significant turn when he relocated to Dubai, where he embarked on a path towards becoming a health and safety specialist, obtaining certifications from esteemed professional bodies in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). Additionally, he ventured into entrepreneurship, leveraging his passion for cinematography and photography to establish himself as a creative force in the industry.

A pivotal encounter with God on May 26, 2011, marked a transformative moment in Emmanuel's life, igniting a deep-seated commitment to becoming a voice for the voiceless and a champion for positive change. Through personal triumphs and challenges, he emerged as a beacon of resilience and inspiration, chronicling his journey in his best-selling literary works, including the collaborative endeavor, "Joy 360 Devotional," and his seminal work, "Transforming the World Through You."

Beyond his literary accomplishments, Emmanuel is a dedicated community leader, actively involved in service organizations and mentorship programs for young men. He is the visionary founder of the Africa Restoration Movement Brand 4less Empire, where he continues to exemplify leadership and innovation in driving societal transformation.

As a devoted family man residing in the UAE with his wife, Dr. A'Londa, Emmanuel finds daily inspiration in her unwavering commitment to empowering others to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

For bookings and inquiries, please contact 214.444.8609 or click here to connect with Manny and witness the transformative impact of living authentically and purposefully.

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It took me 38 years to own up to who I was and

the life God has for me because
I spent so much time trying to live up to other's

expectations of me and who I should be.

~ Dr. ABK ~

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