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Dr. A'Londa L. Kusimo

Speaker  *  Best Selling Author  *  Coach  *  Brandologist * Graphic Designer

“I am LonnieB." is not a slogan, a chant, or a cheer. It is not even a statement of who I am becoming… It is my statement of “I”. It is my value, my worth, and my bottom line of this beautiful life as A’Londa L. Barber-Kusimo. 
A Texas native, Dr. A’Londa L. Barber-Kusimo was born to the parentage of an educated mother and a hard-working father. As multiculturalism has not always been an easy institution to understand or overcome, the family moved from El Paso to Dallas, where A’Londa attended grade school and lived out her dreams of becoming a classical dancer at the Booker T. Washington High School for Performing Arts. Upon graduation she matriculated to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. 
During college A’Londa saw her passion grow from dance to business. Discovering she had a knack for embellishing customers through her creativity, it earned her a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Speech Communication which allowed her to pursue her career in customer service and eventually the accomplishment of her own entrepreneurial flow in graphic design. 
In her quest to reach each of her goals and bring to fruition her vision, A’Londa has maneuvered herself to be a voice for those who have lost their own. This became her mantra per an encounter that changed her life forever. In a prayer on September 24, 2010, A’Londa asked to be freed. Placing no limits on what plan would be in response to her prayer--at times, experiencing the greatest of loss and the worst of hurt and hate--she has proven to be an overcomer “champion” for those who wish to overcome any obstacle. Her powerful story is captured in her best seller, “Journey of a Sista on the Downlow” Volume 1 & 2, and echoed in a collaborative work with other authors “Finding Joy in the Journey” Volume 1&2.
The international best-selling author is well-established in the community promoting herself as a self-starter and leader via her efforts of running for public office and membership to leading service organizations inclusive of her church and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. She is a mentor to young women, and an inspiration to all as she continuously works to live her truth and walk in her God-given purpose. 
A’Londa is the owner of Percibility, LLC™ and LonnieB Creative Designs, where the company works to make your vision into reality.
A'Londa is a dedicated family woman currently living in UAE with her husband, Emmanual.  In her spare time, you can find her dancing, reading, or making others laugh.    
When asked what inspires her, A’Londa shared, “My daily inspiration and life’s motivation is my desire to see others excel, exceed, and become empowered to be the best person they can become"

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It took me 38 years to own up to who I was and

the life God has for me because
I spent so much time trying to live up to other's

expectations of me and who I should be.

~ Dr. ABK ~

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